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The unQLite Sponsorship Program.

The UnQLite sponsorship program is dedicated to insuring the continuing vitality of UnQLite. UnQLite is high-quality, Open-source software. The goal of the sponsorship program is to make sure it stays that way.

Sponsors contribute funding to support the ongoing development and maintenance of UnQLite and in return receive enterprise-level technical support and legal assurances that UnQLite will remain open-source.

Sponsors have direct access to the UnQLite source tree, the core developers and receive priority consideration for any bug fixes or feature requests. However, technical control and direction of UnQLite remains with the UnQLite architect and developers.

There are three sponsorship levels, defined by donation and in-return benefits of sponsorship.

Donation level: $100K/Year

Donation level: $50K/Year

Donation level: $15K/Year

Benefits of the UnQLite Sponsorship Program:

How to Become a sponsor

The sponsorship program is available via contract with Mr. Mrad Chems Eddine, the original author and principal architect of the UnQLite project. For additional information (including the sponsorship agreement), please contact Symisc Systems via:

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