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The Jx9 Embedded Scripting Language.

Jx9 Project Homepage

The Document store interface to UnQLite which is used to store JSON docs (i.e. Objects, Arrays, Strings, etc.) in the database is powered by the Jx9 programming language.

Jx9 is an embeddable scripting language also called extension language designed to support general procedural programming with data description facilities. Jx9 is a Turing-Complete, dynamically typed programming language based on JSON and implemented as a library in the UnQLite core.

Jx9 is built with tons of features and has a clean and familiar syntax similar to C and Javascript. Being an extension language, Jx9 has no notion of a main program, it only works embedded in a host application. The host program (UnQLite in our case) can write and read Jx9 variables and can register C/C++ functions to be called by Jx9 code.

Jx9 is an open source product developed independently by Symisc Systems and is available to download for third-party applications (i.e. Games, Network servers, etc.) looking for an efficient, modern embedded scripting engine. Find out more on Jx9 (The independent engine) at:

Jx9 Samples.

Smart examples to get you in touch with Jx9 and its powerful constructs. Note that Jx9 is very easy to learn, even for new programmers since it have a clean and familiar syntax similar to C and JavaScript.

Jx9 Built-in functions.

List of Jx9 built-in functions such as db_create(), db_store(), db_fetch(), db_drop_record(), etc. and built-in constants such as __TIME__, __OS__, __JX9__, etc.

Note that Jx9 is shipped with a rich standard library built with over 312 functions and over 142 constants.

The Jx9 Programming Language.

The Jx9 Programming Language Reference Manual.

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